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On this page, I'll be adding reviews of Indie Books I've either been sent or merely chosen for myself, read and enjoyed.

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Gaenor's Quest


Jonathan Edward Feinstein

Gaenor's Quest is made up of four books; 'The Red Light of Dawn', 'The Black Clouds of Noon', 'The Rainbow of Dusk' and 'The Cold, Clear Skies of Midnight'.

Mr Feinstein has created a very believable world in transition, where magic, science and religion make uneasy bedfellows with the political structures involved; which run from Empires, through Kingdoms to Theocracies. 

To get the fullest enjoyment from Gaenor's Quest, the books should be read in order as characters, and the plot, develop over the years of the story.

Maybe a little overlong but it's difficult to know what to cut and everything included is relevant in one way or the other.

I liked the main characters as people and enjoyed their humour, faults and preoccupations. I suppose the best compliment is to say that they were believable and not merely 'cardboard creations' going through actions in line with some writer's 'creative writing guide'. 

These are a series of books I have read more than once and enjoyed them just as much the second time around.

***** Five Stars.

Waxing is Useless




M. J. Hudon




Waxing is useless is a quirky, sharply humorous book concerning werewolves and other mythical beings. I don’t want to go too deeply into the plot as I don’t like spoilers, but suffice to say the ‘Spokane Guardians’, the pack of werewolves that protects the community from foul creatures of the darkness, have a possible new member experiencing ‘the turn’.

Miranda Moon, the main character is the book is an unlikely heroine; 18 years married with two teenage children and an unemployed husband, whose lack of work is none of his own choosing, and a job she hates.

As her metamorphosis continues, disturbing, and sometimes highly amusing, episodes become more frequent until she discovers the existence of the ‘Spokane Guardians’ and is invited to join them.

Now, I don’t usually like books about werewolves, vampires, zombies or other strange creatures, but I really did enjoy reading M. J. Hudon’s novel ‘Waxing is Useless’ and highly recommend it.

I really don’t like giving stars; let’s just say that if werewolves were my type of thing, I’d give it 5***** as they’re not, I’ll give it 4·5*

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