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A series of short blogs about Jazz Music, Musicians & Vocalists

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Finished Books


Novels of Fantasy, Romance & Magic

'The Chronicles of the White Tower Series'

Janette's Tale


Winter Moon


The Homecoming

An Affair of Court

Novels of Action & Adventure

Unsafe Passage


Versions (Vol. 1)

The Collected Jazz Vocal Blogettes (Vol. 1)

Something To Remember Me By 

   (Vol. 1 of my Autobiography:

                               - Scenes from a Life')

Unfinished Books

The Summoning (Book 7 in the series 'The Chronicles of the White Tower')

Mission to Albanzar

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Mark Patrick's Book Reviews

Indie Author's Book Reviews by Mark

Blog about Writing

Novels I Recommend

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I have recently started to write short reviews of the books of other Indie Authors.

These are completely 'My Opinion' and are, of course, unpaid.

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